Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A walk on the famous Malecón boulevard in Havana

The Malecon is the famous promenade and attracts locals and tourists

There is no other place that shows more the soul of Havana

This 7 km. long seaside promenade runs along historic parts of the city, the colonial center (Habana Vieja) and along the boring Russian
apartments in Vedado

The boulevard is a summary of Havana `s history

There are a lot of very beautiful buildings along the Malecon

Unfortunately they are often in poor condition or faded by the sun and the salt of the sea

For the residents of Havana the Malecon is tradition and important for the people with the Sant Aria faith

They throw offerings into the sea for Yemaya gods

The Malecon is a meeting place for young people

There is flirting, playing music, swimming and children playing games between the rocks

Others come here to catch their daily fish for dinner

Fortunately, more and more buildings are restored

Specifically at sunset the old buildings get a magical color as the sun shines

When visiting Havana you should definitely take a walk on the Malecon

The Caryatids building is one of the main buildings at the beginning
of the Malecon

Built in the twentieth century and recently restored

Under the porch you see women in Art Deco style

Furthermore, you also see many buildings with Moorish motifs

 At rough weather the waves hit meters high over the balustrade

Unfortunately, every year curious tourists on the quay rinsed into the sea

The history of the Malecon

On November 4, 1901 the U.S. authorities, who had conquered Cuba, began the work on the Malecon

A tree decorated promenade had to start at the Castillo de la Punta where access to the bay is the narrowest

Strong winds, frequent hurricanes and rough seas changed the plans

The American architect Mead and Frenchman Jean Forestier developed a better plan

In Habana Vieja (Old Havana) they built hotels and cafe `s

Beach facilities were constructed in Miramar

It was the road between the old and new part of Havana

Further away from the old town is the promenade along the modern skyscraper with the Vedado Hotel Havana Libre as eyecatcher


Hotel Nacional

Furthermore, you see the Monument to the Victims of Maine, Hotel Nacional and the Tribuna Anti - Imperialista located in the front yard
of the American embassy

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