Sunday 6 April 2014

The birthplace "Casa Natal de Fidel Castro" in Birán is a museum

Birán is a small village in the municipality Mayarí
of the province Holguín, Eastern Cuba 

The place is best known as the birthplace of 
Fidel Castro and his brother Raúl

They were respectively born in 1926 and 1931 on the
93 km² estate of their father

The estate, where the birthplace of Fidel and Raul Castro is,
opened in November 2002 as a museum

If you visit this museum you must ensure you have your
passport with you

You can`t pay with dollars in Cuba for years,
but the old tickets are still used

The last visit of Fidel Castro took place on September 23, 2003,
on the cemetery of his mother Lina Ruz who died in 1963 

You can see the bed where Lina Ruz gave birth of each of her seven children,
but also the crib where the Castro `s the first months of their lives slept 

A total of 1.175 museum objects are managed by the
National Heritage Board of the Ministry of Culture

The estate was originally founded in 1915 by the father, Angel Castro Argiz,
as sugarcane plantation

Various properties of the family are still on the
estate and a primary school 

The road to Santiago de Cuba ran over the property and for that reason
he built a hotel, pub, post office, shop and arena for cockfights

The arena for cockfighting and the housing for workers from Haiti

The workers spent the money they earned in the pub,
shop or at the cockfights

Eleven of the 27 original buildings have been preserved and the estate
has been declared a National Monument in 2009 

The original wooden house of Angel Castro Argiz was destroyed
by a fire in 1954, but there was a replica built in 1974 

On the estate are buried Angel Castro Argiz, Lina Ruz González,
the grandmother and other family

The President Raúl Castro wants to be buried in the Mausoleum of the Frank País Second Front, in the mountains of Santiago de Cuba, with his wife Vilma Espin

The primary school

Mat at the door is made of scraps of fabric, as you can see everywhere in Cuba

The school had only one classroom

The school bench of Fidel Castro

At the entrance you will be assigned a guide that shows you the property
and gives a lot of information in English

On this estate they are still working with oxen

The hotel

Post office and bar

The house of grandmother Castro

This angel stood for a long time at the graves of the estate but is
now standing at the house of grandmother

Grandmother Castro

Rifle of mother Castro

The guide told us that in this bath the father, 
Angel Castro Argiz, is deceased

This safe would be blown up by a sister of Castro who fled to Miami

 Angel Castro Argiz and Lina Ruz González

Fidel Castro and writer Ernest Hemingway

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